• Coding & Development
    • Website Developer
      • Focus on searchability, security, and minimalism- always adaptable to each client’s desired aesthetic
      • Specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce, but also capable of working with SquareSpace or other popular options
    • Software Developer
      • Capable of creating apps, games, and software for Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS
      • Best hired with an active artist on the team or when finalized art assets are already available
  • Consultant
    • Analytics & Data Modeling
    • App, Game & Software Development
    • Brand Management & Social Media
    • Project Management & Software Engineering
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Content Planning
    • User Acquisition & Experience
    • Website & Online Security
  • Publisher
    • Focus on PC game publishing on Steam with some interest in branching out to mobile markets
    • Interested in looking at potential projects based on their aesthetics, quality, and experience of the team behind the project


If you’d like to hire or get in touch with SprySpire about any of these services just shoot us an email via our contact form.  We generally respond within 1-2 business days and if available will recommend a course of action that best suits each client’s needs.  Our primary domains of expertise are listed above but we’re always willing to provide advice on other topics if we are familiar with them so feel free to inquire.  All prices are negotiable based on the complexity of the tasks, amount of work required, and schedule desired.  Rates increase if proposed schedule is urgent or a project is significantly delayed due to issues on a client’s side.

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